Wedding Planning Service

It is such a wonderful moment when you are just getting that shimmering ring on your left hand! After your engagement, for sure you will be facing some task for planning your dream wedding. The idea of planning the wedding would be exciting for some people but it could be nightmare if they couldn’t get the essence of it. There is so many things and detail that should be considered to add with in your special day, yet you can only take one job at this time, let yourself to avoid stress and enjoy the whole process.

As wedding planner, we have planned all varieties manner of wedding from big wedding, small wedding, the fancy one that all fit with our client styles and passion. But no matter the size and it styles, there are always same basic point that can be apply on your special day.

So, here is the step by step planning your dream wedding:

Choosing The Theme

In choosing the theme of your wedding day is the enjoyable things you can do with your partner. You can talk about your idea and you should make the decision together. You both want to get involved in this one for a lifetime moment so ask each other what would be your wedding be? Perhaps you have different vision about the day but once you have done this, you can discussed about the next step.

Set Your Budget

In the matter of set the budget of your wedding, perhaps it wouldn’t be the romantic part in the planning but only for this aspect, you and your partner should pay to be realistic about your expectation and your wish list so it will help the whole process planning. You can discuss about the amount you have save and also reflecting your wedding date. Setting your wedding budget is always good to know at the beginning stages.

Find The Date

This time, you can decide the date and the year you both want to get married and don’t forget ask your important family to get involved also check the availability of the vendor. Be flexible with the date in your mind considering with all elements availability.

Choosing the Priorities and Organize it

After you done with step 3, still you have to discuss about everything can be organize with your fiancée, choosing the venue, a photographer, flower and decoration, entertainment and etc. May the important part that should be added on your wedding day. By this step, you know where you need to spend your money and where you can save it also you decrease any mistake in the further down the line by not allotting each vendor enough time, money and attention. It also the important thing to make the folder that containing everything that already discussed with your fiancée and make sure you keep the vendor’s contact, contract in one place also you can added the file with your list to do, the budget plan so the further planning would be easier

Make a Research and Find the Venue

Doing the research earlier might be consuming your time, yet it do help to make the decision about every suppliers that will be best with the day of wedding. It would be so many option that will make you confuse but the wedding planner have the list that can you match up with stress free. Especially for finding your venue could be the hardest part of the planning step because many of popular places could be get booked quickly. But a little tips for you here, try to find something different, perhaps something out of the box rather than keep fighting for that popular place you’ve wish in case it already booked for the other wedding or event. There is so many wedding places that we can suggest and it is not limited with the old chapel and church.

Find the Photographer

Find the photographer is the most essential things to get booked earlier, a year before your wedding would be better because the documentation of your wedding is kind personal and there is huge amount of photographers that would consume a lot of your time if you couldn’t have an eye with certain photographer beside there is always a moment that could possibly make you disappoint, if you get match with a photographer but you haven’t booked it quickly. Let Eurasia Team Photographer help you collect, create, and celebrate all of the details that will make your event one-of-a kind. We focus on the design, coordination, personalized details and flawless execution of each event so that you can focus on enjoying the journey and celebrating your wedding.

We believe the most important element to capturing you on your most special day is a good relationship and positive chemistry with your photographer. Let’s sit down together and talk about how we can help you capture your vision for looking back on your wedding day.

Choose your own Photographer! All your needs will be impeccably met with the assistance of your wedding specialists, and the memories of your special day will last forever.

Find Your Dream Dress

I bet this is the best part of your wedding experience. To most brides, finding the dress is so much fun. You can do the research first on the magazine or in the internet the best dress that fit with your wedding theme. There is plenty of wedding dresses that would beautify your wedding day and be ready to try on them.

Final Step

After you have booked your venue, photographer and dress, entertainment and catering the rest of the wedding will begin to take a bit more structure and fall into place. Don’t let the planning consume you, far too often when you plan a wedding it is all you can think about. Get a list together of everything there is to do, invitations, flowers, cake, decorations, outfits, transport etc and keep it simple. It’s your day,which you’ll spend the happiest moment with your families and friends. Let it be an unforgettable moment.