Let us help you
plan your wedding.

Let us help you plan your wedding.

Why do you need a planner?

Marriage is certainly one of the most important days for any couple. Therefore, careful planning is needed so that the day runs smoothly and everyone is happy. But sometimes, you just don’t have any idea where to start to plan it. There’s a lot of things to do such as determining the concept, choosing vendors, thinking about budget, legals, guest, entertainment, and so many more. Often the difference in the desires of the two parties adds stress to the couple when planning their wedding day. That’s why hiring a right wedding planner is a good investment to do.

In Eurasia, our team will help you to plan your wedding from the “top-to-toe”. We will guide you to determine the best concept based on your budget and keep everything on the track. We also handle every single thing about your wedding such as legal documents, vendors, guests, etc and coordinate the entire day of your wedding day. You can also get a special discount from the vendor when you book it from the wedding planner. And last but not least, you and your spouse will be stress free because our team will make sure that everything will be on the right track according to the plan and your request. You just need to say “I do” and we’ll do the rest. 🙂 

Service Details

Our service includes “top-to-toe” preparation and the execution of the day. Here are the things you will get when using us.

Pre Wedding Preparation 

  1. Determining the concept based on your tradition. It could be Asian or Western Wedding or maybe Balinese Blessing. You can also add any of your own traditions and discuss with our team.


  2. Giving you vendor recommendations based on your budget or preparing the budget based on your vendor choice.


  3. Identify, hire, and arrange payments for the vendor such as venue, accommodation, transportation, makeup artist, bridal, entertainment, sound & lighting, priest, and any other things that you might need on the wedding day.


  4. Coordinate with all the vendors and venue management in terms of logistic and scheduling appointments include pre-wedding visit, food tasting, makeup trial, venue inspection, etc.


  5. Making a rundown and itinerary for the wedding day in consultation with the couple and the selected vendors. 


A week prior to D-day 

  1. Coordinate and manage all the activities with the vendors for a fix and smooth rundown in terms of event schedule and logistics.


  2. Conduct the final meeting with the couple, family, and the vendors.


  3. Assist the wedding rehearsal (if needed and based on the availability).

The Day 

  1. In charge and coordinate the wedding event, make sure everything is running smoothly according to the plan.


  2. Ensure all the vendors are on time.


  3. Organize all respective issues to all vendors involved during the wedding event.


  4. Coordinate any events on the wedding day that might need to be moved to a backup venue or adjusted due to bad weather (Availability and additional backup venue based on regulation of the wedding venue). 

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